Calypso, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 30 inches

Artist Statement

Working at the intersection of art and healing, my exploratory approach is guided by a passion for learning and a yearning for harmony. I combine contrasting colors with interlocking shapes to create visual drama. Decorative to expressive, whimsical to powerful; I'm inspired by the Jamaican island vibrancy and aesthetic of my maternal homeland, the exotic, the handmade. My work is about identity and belonging. It’s about finding balance. It’s about seeing anew.

Informed by my background in occupational therapy and holistic healing therapies, I understand art as an occupation. Occupations are multi-step, meaningful, therapeutic activities. Like my yoga practice, making art is a meditative process which yokes or unites parts. At the same time healing is an ongoing process of maintaining balance, harmony and wholeness. Creating art is creating harmony and wholeness. Without art I would not be whole.

Belonging is connected to identity. It is the experience of fitting in while also being true to oneself. Belonging is not just a round peg in a round hole it is disparate identities fitting into a whole. Belonging is the experience of harmony and oneness. I create these in my art. Belonging is my sense of self reflected back to me in my art. 

I approach art as an explorer venturing into the unknown with an open curiosity. The openness allows me to see something new. When a work is complete every color, line, shape and texture belong. There’s a new balance and harmony that’s refreshing and liberating. Art provides a means to expanding consciousness. The seeing and learning, the growth, the healing are what make art valuable.