Calypso, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 30 inches

Artist Statement

Working at the intersection of vision and healing, my creative process is guided by a passion for learning and a yearning for harmony. I combine vibrant colors and large interlocking shapes to create visual drama. Decorative to expressive, whimsical to powerful, the bold simplicity of my work may recall the Jamaican island vibe of my maternal homeland, while other times reflects an innate impulse to hone in on the essential. A handmade human quality and balanced composition are vital characteristics of my work.

When I paint, I begin with lines on the canvas and intuitively respond to what I see as I work. Some paintings go through many transformations and the layers of paint reveal my process, the risks taken, struggles, choices. Other paintings transpire with an effortless immediacy; I leave what’s emerging on the canvas, staying present to what's there, the unexpected, the surprises. I like the surprises.

While painting is a spontaneous process, my fiber work is more methodical. It’s a different, slower process. I start with a sketch or digital drawing. Areas of color and texture are laid in with a tufting gun. Finishing touches and painterly effects are applied by hand. As I work, I am guided by my intuition and the evolving art piece, diverging from the original drawing, often times problem solving and completely changing course. Creativity requires letting go. 

In life we learn to observe and accept, freeing us from our preconceptions. I approach art as an explorer venturing into the unknown with an open curiosity. The openness allows me to see something new. When a work is complete every color and shape belong. There’s a new balance and harmony that’s refreshing and liberating. Art provides a means to expanding consciousness. The seeing and learning, the growth, the healing are what make art valuable.