Seeing Anew

Through the language of color and shape I begin with some marks on the canvas and intuitively respond to what I see as I work. Some paintings go through many transformations and the layers of paint reveal my process, the risks taken, struggles, choices. Other times I leave what's emerging on the canvas without covering it over, staying present to what's there, allowing and accepting, instead of pushing it to become something else.

In life we learn to observe and accept and when we do this it frees us from our preconceptions. I approach painting as an explorer venturing into the unknown, with openness. The openness allows me to see something. It’s the surprises that keep me painting. The seeing and learning, the growth, the healing are what make art valuable.

As a child my father took me to museums while my mother got her hair done. When my parents were unavailable, I learned to occupy myself. Art became an agent of healing at the center of my life. I now see painting as an integrated part of who I am and part of my mission to teach people to see.

Gestalt / Vista