Concepts & Compositions: Exploring the Yin and Yang in Art, Health and Life

Solo Exhibition, Oct. 17-Nov. 9, 2022, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA


Artist Statement

Ghandi said "be the change you wish to see in the world." I think I create what I wish to see. There's a lot of conflict in life. I've always been the person longing for peace and harmony.

According to Chinese medicine, health depends on a balance of Yin and Yang energies or harmony. The intention behind my project was to create harmony and health.

The relationship of Yin and Yang is one of opposites like feminine and masculine, dark and light, left and right. These exist simultaneously, independently yet interconnected. 

For this project I alternated between painting and tufting, hand-stitching and machine, bouncing back and forth between opposites of slow and fast, intuitive and planned. Working with shapes similar to those in the Yin/Yang symbol, exploring their relationships with each other, color and texture; my process led me from painting to tapestry to two-sided and three-dimensional mixed-media.

Sometimes my explorations lead to a point of conflict. A point where changes need to be made and risks are taken. When a work is complete every color and shape is interconnected. There's a new balance and harmony in a form that encompasses both the struggle and the ease.

The opposing forces of conflict and harmony relate to the push and pull of yin and yang energies running parallel in art, health and life.

Everything in life is a mix of Yin and Yang. Together they create a dynamic whole. Similarly, active relationships of color, shape and texture interconnect to create my compositions.

Just as we would not know day without night, perhaps we do not know health without a few challenges along the way. This project has been of benefit to my health. I believe the work will be of benefit to those who spend time with it. 

Walk-through Video of Show