about the Yin and Yang Series

Ghandi said "be the change you wish to see in the world." I think I paint what I wish to see.

There's a lot of conflict in life. I've always been the person longing for peace and harmony. 

The relationship of yin and yang is one of opposites like light and dark, feminine and masculine, conflict and harmony. These exist simultaneously, independently yet interconnected.

When I paint, my exploration of color and shape sometimes leads to a point of conflict. A point where changes need to be made and risks are taken. When a painting is complete every color and shape belongs, they are interconnected. There's a new balance and harmony in a form which encompasses the struggle and the ease. 

After noticing yin and yang parallels in my art and life I decided to further explore this concept through my artwork. This ongoing series began with painting, continued with digital drawings, and most recently has led me to fiber explorations.